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The word preeminent means “surpassing all others.”

A preeminent business is not defined by being the biggest or most profitable business.

Rather, a preeminent publication like HIP Champaign outshines all others in its category in the impression it leaves on our subscribers. We strive to be seen as the daily local news that delivers the best experience. It is the one that you feel most confident in spending your valued time reading. It is the one that holds your interest — we aim to let you know we are here to honor your best interests at heart.

A preeminent business is the thought-leader in the industry. It educates most — bringing the most powerful mix of best practices and new ideas. It is the business that competitors seek to emulate. It is the business that others most want to partner with, to align themselves with.

I am the visionary at the forefront of HIP Champaign my word can be counted on whether you’re an advertiser and or subscriber. This is a preeminent business that will be held up as the ideal.

And as a result, this is a preeminent business that will be the one in Central Illinois that will most likely be the most talked about. Clients and customers are most likely to refer others to our preeminent business. The preeminent business becomes a magnet to the money flowing into the industry — and often out-paces all others in growth and success.

Becoming a preeminent business does not require that HIP Champaign becomes the biggest or most powerful in th publishing industry. But by becoming the preeminent business, our chance of becoming the go to digital publication is nearly 100%.

In short, if we as a publishing team want to achieve maximum success with your readership, we must pursue excellence in our writing, photography and the integrity of the topics we choose to focus on.

Going into a daily local publication we knew full well we will have to work hard for any level of success we achieve. Further we know upfront It won’t be easy. But the return on investment for this work will be astronomical.

We value serving you above all else. HIp Champaign  is in business to deliver maximize value to all those we come in contact with.

By “service,” I don’t specifically mean services delivered,  It encompasses those things, but is much bigger than that. It’s about putting you first, not ourselves. Every fiber of our being and business operates from this perspective.

Deliver an extraordinary experience is what we live to bring to you daily. Our deliverables can’t fall short. Your experience with HIP Champaign must be remarkable. HIP Champaign must always be worth talking about.

Advertisers and Sponsors our focus is on being helpful. We live to bring an abundance of qualified leads  opportunities. We want to provide solutions before you invest a penny with us. Our goal is to communicate with you often. We will do so with helpful, educational content I promise you we won’t be a pest. But be ever-present.


Oscar Smith, Publisher Direct Contact

We are on a Mission to Help you…